Slay Industries - Quality is Our Driving Force



Slay Industries was established in 1920 in St. Louis, Missouri.  John R. Slay, coming home highly-decorated from World War I, returned to South St. Louis where he grew up.  There he became a close friend of Edgar Queeny, the founder of Monsanto Chemical Corporation.

Needing transportation services, Mr. Queeny called upon John Slay, who responded by forming the original Slay Motor Freight.  At that point, a long and prosperous business relationship began.

Eugene Slay began Slay Transportation Company's bulk trucking operation in 1952.  Enduring regulation from the the Interstate Commerce Commission and surviving deregulation in a tight, competitive market, Eugene Slay steadily expanded the company.

Later adding warehousing and river operations for the purpose of widening distribution services, Slay has evolved into a logistics powerhouse that is driven by the principles of quality and customer service.  The tradition begun by John R. Slay in 1920 continues today as the fourth generation of Slay leadership takes Slay Industries 
into the new millenium.

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